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Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Coroner Admits To Raping Hundreds Of Corpses


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A crack-addicted Cincinnati coroner has confessed to raping over 100 dead bodies during his time as a coroner for Hamilton County. The perpetrator, Kenneth Douglas, is currently in prison serving time for the rapes of three dead women, but in a police interview, has said that there “could be hundreds” more.

Hamilton County is currently facing a federal lawsuit over the sexual acts of the necrophiliac employee who worked in its morgue from 1982-1991. Douglas’ wife says that she knew something was going on when she would pick up Douglas from work, and he would smell like sex. She tried to report her husband to the morgue supervisor, but she claims that he told her to stop calling.

“He said, ‘Whatever happens on county time and on county property is county business,'” said Douglas’ wife.

Douglas says he committed these crimes because he was under the influence of drugs and…

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DJ-D'Doxx wears his emotions on his sleeve and the life on his right arm. A deejay with speakers and a tone arm etched in dark black ink says it all, until you experience the one-man band rock a party. In that moment you'll find Doxx boldly expressing his raw emotions the best way he knows how - through music. Two turntables and a mic. "To make other people happy and have a good time - that's my kick," said Doxx, a native of Columbia, SC. There he heard everything from Afrika Bambaataa to Al Green in the clubs and watched in awe when his cousin DJ Disaster would cut it up. Although Doxx rocked parties in high school, he officially started his life as a deejay in 1993 after moving cross-country to the West Coast. From then on he carefully studied the veteran deejays and made each party he spun better than the last one. By adhering to such a principle, Doxx found himself in the presence of legends like Jam Master Jay, Steve Harvey, Notorious BIG and Russell Simmons. He also played for a variety of different regional, age and ethnic audiences brought together by music. "To be a good deejay is knowing how to read the crowd and give them what they need to take it to that next level," Doxx asserted. That meant playing the cuts - old or new - and transmitting his style to the masses. It eventually caught the ear of Noc On Wood Records who hired Doxx for an a&r/promotions position and of course deejaying. When parting from Noc on Wood Records in 2006, Doxx put his all into his company Stop Playin Promotions he founded in 2006 and still continues to successfully own and operate to date. "I live for music, it's bananas," Doxx stressed. If Doxx doesnt have his hands on decks in the club, people usually only ask him one question, "Are you deejaying!!! Facebook:

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